NOTE: This version will be kept as is for the purposes of the ludum dare. I will continue to update the game to a more complete state over here.

Developed in a day for Ludum Dare 35. See the game's page over here.

You play as a simple sword-wielding citizen, plagued by odd creatures warping into your perfect solitude. As you kill the invaders, your rage builds, and ultimately (by pressing 'SPACE') you somehow shift the matter in your body to become something bigger and better. You become an unstoppable behemoth of a being. That is, of course, until you calm down.

- Top down hack'n'slash gameplay
- Wave-based enemy system (4 waves total, followed by an endless wave for your survival hunger)
- Rage-fueled shapeshifting

- WASD to move
- Falling off the edge of the island will cause certain death. The same goes for the fog pits across the island as well
- Mouse to look
- Left click to attack
- Fill rage meter (green bar) by killing enemies (tougher enemies fill your rage quicker)
- When rage meter is full, press SPACE to shapeshift into a 'Giant'
- When in rage mode, rage meter will slowly deplete before shifting back to human form
- When in rage mode, you take no damage, and you can one-shot everything
- Enemy spawn rate also increases while in rage mode
- Press ESCAPE at any time to return the the main menu

I hope everyone gets a chance to give this a go, I only had less than 24 out of the 72 hours to actually work on it, and I came into this hoping to have at least a prototype, if not a 'complete' game, so I'm pretty happy with how far it came in that short time.

I ended up using free audio assets and finished off a terrain generator that I was working on previously in order to get a nice terrain to play on. Coder art is the main art of choice here as I didn't have time to do the modeling, etc.

Enjoy everybody!

Install instructions

Simply extract 'Rageshifter 1.1' and run 'Rageshifter.exe' to play.


Rageshifter 1.1 13 MB

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